About Sigrid

Inspired by her travels, by the people she has met along the way and by the cultures she has shared, 4 Hearts founder Sigrid Horn af Åminne has poured her heart and soul into creating a range of truly beautiful earrings and bracelets. The 4 Hearts range of jewelry seamlessly blends a clean, modern aesthetic with traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Combining top-quality silver and gold with gems and semi-precious stones sourced locally and from around the region, 4 Hearts earrings and bracelets are stylish, sophisticated and elegant. Each piece is custom made by artisans in the 4 Hearts Phnom Penh studio. Earrings and bracelets come with a certificate of authenticity and are presented in a 4 Hearts silk pouch.


About 4 Hearts

4 Hearts is a modern brand for people who appreciate style and quality. Inspired by the ancient traditional craftsmanship of Southeast Asia, we use techniques that have been tried and tested over centuries. With a modern interpretation, these traditions come to life in our silk scarves, purses and tote bags, and our precious jewelry.

4 Hearts collaborates with family businesses and artisans who are dedicated to preserving skills that have been passed down through generations. We have built relationships with families who practice these ancient techniques, and these relationships are the foundation of our business – sustainable partnerships with dedicated local artisans and suppliers.

Silk, gold, silver and precious gems are the world’s most enduring symbols of luxury and beauty. Our skilled artisans individually and delicately craft each 4 Hearts silk product. We guarantee you will feel the love when you wrap yourself in one of our luxurious scarves, or step out wearing our jewelry.


About Sigrid Horn af Aminne

Phnom Penh-based expat Sigrid Horn af Aminne is a lover of all things luxurious. When she moved to Cambodia in 2013, she knew the time was right to start the business she had long wished for.

Her love of silk and her desire to work with local artisans led her to learn about the Shibouri method of tie dying. She knew immediately that it was a natural fit. Her own family tree dates back to the 14thcentury, a fact never far from her mind when working with the ancient art of Shibouri.

Sigrid’s jewelry designs are the result of years of travelling–of meeting people and learning about their lives and cultures. Her pieces reflect the love and joy she feels when she truly gets to know another culture.

Sigrid combines centuries-old tradition with her modern designs. Working with family-run small enterprises in Cambodia is a dream come true for her. Inspired by the dedication of the artisans, she works closely with her staff to ensure that working conditions are fair and the business is sustainable.